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I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in eighteenth-century British literature. My courses are interdisciplinary, inviting students to consider the intersection between literary and nonliterary genres as well as the variety of historical contexts that have shaped the texts we read.


My goal is to help students develop, through the study of literature, a richer sense of where our modern understanding of the world comes from, how and why it has changed over time, and how our individual actions and ideas will play a role in further change.

Because free reference materials on eighteenth-century literature are scarce, I have been producing videos to introduce students as well as the general public to important concepts in literary works from the period. For a sample, here is my discussion of Pride and Prejudice from my YouTube channel:


Below you will find sample syllabi for courses I have taught at the University of Florida. They include Candide's Eighteenth Century, which won the 2024 Teaching Prize from the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Just click the images. 




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